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PMP5-01: Protagonist ‘Joker’ (Persona 5)


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– สินค้าผลิตตามตัวละคร Joker จากในเกมส์ Persona 5
– ขนาดสินค้า: 1:4 [H:51.6cm W:49.2cm D:39.3cm]
– น้ำหนักโดยประมาณ 3.5 กิโลกรัม
– มีหัวให้เปลี่ยน 2 แบบ (ใส่และไม่ใส่หน้ากาก)
– สินค้าผลิตในจำนวนจำกัด

“This is truly an unjust game… Your chances of winning are almost none. But if my voice is reaching you, there may yet be a possibility open to you… …I beg you. Please overcome this game… and save the world…” – Lavenza

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the main protagonist of the award-winning RPG Persona 5 and leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. You’re Hero! Joker!! Now, an excellent addition to our Premium Masterline Series

The protagonist of Persona 5, Akira Kurusu, better known as Joker is a high school student at the Shujin Academy in Tokyo. He is a silent protagonist and a man of few words; however Joker is a steadfast Wild Card and devotes himself to dominating the Metaverse with his team, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

We have incorporated the themes and colors from the video game into this statue to give you that “video game appeal” when you look at it. Starting with Joker’s body, we have designed his stance with perfect attention to detail to recreate the amazing Hero from the series. We wanted this statue to feel like the same Persona 5 experience all the way down to the base. The base is perfectly sculpted with vibrant colors and shapes directly from the video game. This expertly crafted piece is the best Persona 5 statue you will find on the market and will stand out as a part in anyone’s collection!!


  • One (1) Persona 5 designed theme base
  • Two (2) switchable Portraits (Mask & Unmasked)


Formats Premium Masterline
Series Persona 5
Scale 1/4 Scale
Product Code PMP5-01
Product Size Approx. H:51.6cm W:49.2cm D:39.3cm
Product Weight Approx. 3.5kg
Material Polystone and other materials
EAN 4582535943503


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